Services Schedules, once Covid-19 is over

Friday afternoon: Mincha 10 minutes after candle-lighting time, followed by a Chassidic text study session and Maariv. During the summer, Mincha starts at 7 PM followed by a Chassidic text study session and Maariv.

Shabbos Morning:
8:30 AM study session
9:30 AM Shacharis
12:00 Noon  Kiddush every Shabbos
Shabbos afternoon: Gemara study session, one hour before Mincha, which is at candle-lighting time of that week, followed by  Shalosh Se-udos and Maariv.

Sunday Morning:  
7:30 AM  study session in Halacha
8:00 AM Shacharis
 Tuesday evenings: Chumash study session 9-10 PM

 Yearly Dues are $200 per family or single, which includes High Holiday seats


         Rosh Hashana Services 2020

We will be able to have Rosh Hashana services on Saturday Sep.19 and Sunday Sept.20, 2020.  We will have only morning services (Shacharis, Mussaf, Torah reading, shofar on Sunday) starting at 10 AM on both days.  The services will be expedited and to that effect we will not have a chazzan.

Attendants must wear masks and apply social distancing.


For those of you who will not attend because of Covid-19 factors or other factors, I will blow the shofar on my gazebo between 3-4 PM on Sunday  Sept. 20. My address is a block away from the synagogue at 5 Nelson Place.

There is a stream at the end of the block, and Tashlich prayers can be said there.




Rabbi Yeheskel Lebovic