Services Schedules 

Friday afternoon: Mincha 10 minutes after candle-lighting time, followed by a Chassidic text study session and Maariv.

Shabbos Morning:
8:30 AM study session
9:30 AM Shacharis
12:00 Noon  Hot Kiddush every Shabbos!

Shabbos afternoon: Gemara study session, one hour before Mincha, which is at candle-lighting time of that week, followed by  Shalosh Se-udos and Maariv.

Sunday Morning:  
7:30 AM  study session in Halacha
8:00 AM Shacharis
 Tuesday evenings: Chumash study session 9-10 PM

Selichos Service Saturday night 12:30 AM  9/5
 Yearly Dues are $200 per family or single, which includes High Holiday seats

Parshat  Vayaishaiv

Light candles at 4:12  PM


Shabbos ends   5:32 PM


                                   Schedule of Services 





       Friday evening:   4:15 PM Mincha , Torah study,

                                   followed  by kabbolas Shabbos/Maariv


        Shabbos day:   8:30 AM Torah Study

                                  9:30 AM Shacharis, followed by Kiddush

                         4:15 PM Mincha, Shalosh Seudos and Maariv


                          Sunday: 8:00 Am, preceded by Torah study at 7:30 AM


             Chumash/Rashi study group every Tuesday 9-10 PM


                     Torah Study at Every Service!        All Are Welcome!