The New Apertures


Rabbi Yeheskel Lebovic


The Question


A question raised in Chassidus is: how is it possible for Moshiach to teach the entire people?  How can he simultaneously address himself to so many varied levels, especially in view of the fact that present among those he will teach are our resurrected forefathers and all our illustrious ancestors who will learn from Moshiach?  These are souls who have spent thousands of 'years" in Gan Eden (the spiritual Garden of Eden) and have achieved ongoing ascensions in the knowledge of G-d, unfettered by physical imitations!!


The Revolutions


It is well known that the Zohar predicted the industrial revolution, based on the verse in this week’s Torah reading of Noach: 'in the year 600 of Noach's life, the apertures of the sky opened up (and brought the Deluge).  The year 1740 corresponds to the sixth hundred of the sixth millennium on the Jewish calendar.  This was the beginning the industrial revolution and, correspondingly, also the beginning of a spiritual revolution, the introduction of Chassidus to the Jewish world through its founder, the Baal Shem Tov. Both these revolutions are a prelude to the days of Moshiach when, just as in the days that followed the Deluge, Noah opened up his Ark to a new world, so too, we shall soon open up our eyes to a new world, replete with prophetic visions and communication attainable by all.  Precisely as we enter into the messianic era, there is a corresponding explosion in the secular sciences in the visual communication area. This explains why everyone, down to the loftiest souls, will benefit simultaneously from Moshiach's teachings: each one will relate differently to these visual teachings and revelations, each according to his level, in the same way that an art connoisseur relates to art with more depth and appreciation than the uninitiated.  And the process will be able to be simultaneous, reaching all levels of people at the same time, but viewed differently by each one.


How Does it Work?


To understand what type of learning this will be like, let us turn our attention to a passage in Pri Etz Chaim (the magnum opus of the great Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as the Holy ArizaL, as recorded by his disciple Rabbi Chaim Vital) in the Portal of  Kriyas Shma chap 16: Rabbi Vital relates how the Arizal once took a nap on Shabbos afternoon of Parshas Balak, and, upon awakening, he related that he had just been privy to a vision which, should he try to convey it verbally, could take him up to 80 ears to convey !  How is it possible that so much can be squeezed in a fifteen minute vision?! Obviously, then, we must be dealing with a thoroughly different type of learning and teaching.  Indeed, this is a radical departure from the usual learning process: in the usual process, we are exposed to series of sequential information, the words and sentences we hear or read.  These are composite of detailed particulars: the letters of each word.  Only after having absorbed the meaning of every word, sentence, and paragraph, do we start to grasp the intellectual underpinnings of the concept, the inner kernel.  This is why, in Hebrew, understanding is associated with 'hearing': we hear one sound at a time, in sequential order, and only later do we appreciate the totality of, say, the symphony. As opposed to hearing, viewing is just the opposite.  When we view a piece of great art, a ravishing phenomenon of beauty, we associate with, and relate to, its total projection right away.  We see the whole picture first and only afterwards do we start relating to its composite details.  This is why so much more information can be squeezed, in this type of learning within short periods of time.

The way Moshiach will simultaneously teach all of Israel is precisely is this manner.  He will reveal to us great visions which we will see rather than 'hear'.  We will be readily exposed to a total picture. This is also why it will have such an impact, in the same way that we are, even now, very strongly impacted by our sense of sight, by the visual

stimuli that meet our gaze, whether positive and holy or otherwise.


The Universal Viewing Effect


The impact that Moshiach will have will obviously be of a world-wide dimension.  The way the world functions presently, since the sin of Adam, is by way of concealment: G-d is definitely present, controlling the complicated processes of the entire universe with utmost precision. Thoroughly baffling, But because it keeps repeating itself constantly, we take it for granted.  As the Baal Shem Tov used to say: the difference between a miracle and a natural process is only from the 2nd time they occur and on.”  They’re both similarly awesome at the point of inception. The Hebrew word for “world” is “olam” which is connected to the Hebrew word “helem”=concealment.  For, as obvious the G-dly presence might be to the philosophical, honest mind, it is still concealed from “view”.  The new teaching method of Moshiach, based on “viewing”, will radically change this, as there will be universal G-dly revelation. The current corona virus negative situation touches every single person on this earth. Let it be a preamble to the universal positive effect the Moshiach will soon have, speedily in our days!!